Cheetah Cars, Holden HQ-HZ based kit cars

Cheetah Specification Options

The table below lists the possible options available in the Holden HQ-HZ vehicle range. 
Vehicles completed have not limited themselves to Holden only options with Ford, Rover and Leyland engines being used. Toyota 5 speed Supra and Celica gearboxes have been the most commonly used transmissions. 
The specifications of our Targa car are in the next table.

Holden HQ-HZ specification options

Length 14'8" (4,470mm)
Width 6' (1,829mm)
Height 4' (1,219mm)
Ground Clearance 5" (127mm)
Wheel Base 105" (2,667mm)
Wheel Track Front 59.5" (1,511mm) 
Rear 60.2" (1,529mm)
Weight (kerb) with Rover V8, Supra gearbox and Salisbury differential 2,750 Lbs (1240 kg)
Engines (Holden) 6 cylinder 
173 ci (2,835 cc) 
202 ci (3,311 cc) 
8 cylinder 
253 ci (4,147 cc) 
308 ci (5,048 cc) 
350 ci (5,737 cc)
Gearboxes 3 speed 
4 speed 
3 speed automatic
Differentials Banjo 3.90:1, 3.55:1, 3.36:1, 3.08:1 
salisbury 3.55:1, 3.36:1, 3.08:1, 2.78:1 
Limited slip available
Suspension Front, independent double wishbone, anti roll bar, coils 
Rear, live axle, 4 link location, coils
Brakes Power assisted 
Front, 11" ventilated discs 
Rear, 10" drums or 11.5" solid discs
Wheels 5.00" JJx14" sedans 
6.00" JJx14" utes

Targa Race Car Specifications

Weight (kerb) with Rover V8, Supra gearbox and Salisbury differential 2,750 Lbs (1240 kg)
Engine Rover 8 cylinder 280 ci (4,600 cc) 
Mallory Distributor (Pertronix electronic ignition) 
Holly 600 4 barrel carburettor double pumper 
Roller rockers, solid lifters 
Edelbrock dual plane manifold 
Gearbox Supra 5 speed W57
Differential Holden Salisbury 3.36:1, LSD 4 spider
Suspension Holden Front, independent double wishbone, 24mm anti roll bar, King coils 
Rear, live axle, 4 link location, NO anti roll bar, King coils
Brakes Holden Power assisted 
Front, 295mm VT Commodore ventilated discs slotted with VT Commodore dual pot floating callipers 
Rear, 278mm VN-VS Commodore solid discs slotted with VN single pot floating callipers
Wheels 7.00" JJx16" Arrow Wheels