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Below are items currently for sale
NOTE:Cheetah owners have the free support and advice of the Directors of Cheetah Cars, and can see finished cars to get ideas, copy or do their own thing. Finishing parts can also be supplied as all moulds and patterns are with the Directors.

Item: Cheetah S2

Motor: 202 Holden with Sport cam 
Twin SU 
Gearbox: Celica 4 speed. 
Differential:Holden Banjo 3.08 ratio 
Wire wheels 
1 builder/owner 
Price: $7800 ono 
Registration currently on hold. The car needs finishing off. It has never been painted and the interior and engine bay needs finishing and detailing. All the hard work has been done and from a quick check most of the after production improvements have been included. It has been driven very few miles. 


Item: Cheetah S2

Motor: Rover 4.6 V8 sorted and prepared by Mal Clarke of By'Gone Autos-mildly tuned 280 BHP 
Holley 600 4 barrel DP 
Dual plane inlet manifold 
Roller rockers 
Gearbox: Supra 5 speed. Modified 1st, 2nd ratios- it drops back into second at 80 KPH 
Differential: Salisbury 3.36:1 LSD- with Commodore 4 spider internals 
Brakes: VN Commodore rear discs, VT Commodore front discs, 296mm 
Front subframe boxed and POR15'd, body etch primed 
Road registered and warranted 
Price: Starting at $12,900. The car has been converted back to a road car. The price will depend on what the new owner wants. It will be sold either as a rolling chassis excluding motor, gearbox, wheels, diff and hood through to a drivable car excluding wheels and hood and any stage in between. 
Contact: Keith 
Telephone: (09) 837 1027

Item: Cheetah mouldings (full set)

This set of mouldings come without the central spaceframe chassis. The purchaser can either follow the design parameters of the Cheetah, and manufacture their own Cheetah chassis or mount the mouldings on some other chassis. 
Colour: Yellow 
Price: $4,500.00 
Contact: Gideon 
Telephone: (07) 549 4021
Item: Manufacture and sale of Cheetahs
Price: Expressions of Interest (EOI) are invited for the manufacture and sale of Cheetahs. 
All fibreglass moulds are available, and some sheetmetal patterns. 
An 80+ page manual is available. 
The Targa car was registered through the new VIN system. 
Contact: Details on the Contact Us page
Motor: Holden 253 V8 
Holley 450 4 barrel 
Single plane inlet manifold 
Roller rockers 
Gearbox: Celica 5 speed 
Differential: Salisbury 3.08:1 LSD 
Price: $28,000 ono